Indoor and outdoor sports facilities are often faced with a tough choice between traditional metal halide lighting and the popular LED or light emitting diode lighting when they make upgrades or additional to their centers and fields. When you work with a licensed and experienced industrial electrical contractor, you can better evaluate your needs for sports lighting installation of energy efficient lighting. You can also gain a better understanding of what will be required for lighting maintenance throughout the life of the application.

E.W. Audet & Sons has provided top quality industrial electrical contractor services on many projects for local outdoor and indoor sports fields and athletic complexes throughout the New England area. Energy efficient lighting in the Greater Providence area is important for a number of reasons, making it a popular choice for many businesses, educational institutions and municipalities. Whether you need a Little League baseball field properly lit or if you need logistics and solutions for a university football field, our team has got what it takes to meet or exceed your expectations.

Quality of Lighting
Chances are you are doing an upgrade or renovation of your sports field or athletic center because you want to improve the quality of the experience, both for the players and the fans in the stands. While both metal halide and LED lighting can be effective if installed properly into a well-designed lighting system, it is important to evaluate the quality of the solution, as well as the impact on the facility and the overall cost of the project.

It is important to work with a qualified industrial electrical contractor and not just hire a general contractor to provide sports lighting installation. An understanding of the evenness of the light on the playing surface and the minimum standards for sports is essential. Lighting ratios matter as an improper ratio will make the ball appear to change speed as it moves between darker and lighter areas of the field, which can cause difficulty for players. Lighting maintenance, which involves regular checks of lighting levels, is important throughout the life of the system.

Controlling the Light
Another essential ingredient in energy efficient lighting for sports fields and centers is the impact that the outdoor light can have within the local neighborhood. LED lighting provides more control, but it must be properly installed and maintained for optimum results. If it isn’t controlled during the initial sports lighting installation and ongoing lighting maintenance, the multiple light sources could cause an even greater glare for neighborhoods within the Greater Providence area and throughout the northeastern region.

Professional sports facilities, such as major or minor league football fields, university or college sports centers, as well as high school fields and community ball parks, will all have different needs. Understanding those needs and providing solutions for the players, the spectators in the stands and television broadcasting cameras, is a challenge that can only be sufficiently met by a professional industrial electrical contractor, such as E.W. Audet & Sons.

Making Cost-Effective Decisions
Another area that you will need to consider when you choose to upgrade to energy efficient lighting for your sports lighting installation, is the cost of the equipment up front and the cost for lighting maintenance in the future. Economics always have an impact on decisions, especially for educational institutions, such as public schools, private schools, high schools, universities and colleges. It is also important for sports teams and leagues, which are often limited in funding for extra expenses in the first place.

For indoor facilities, the energy savings that can come from LED lighting in the Greater Providence area could be substantial, as they are used on a daily basis and provide a higher return on investment, paying back the initial investment in savings in just a few years. Outdoor facilities may take longer to recuperate investment costs, but could benefit in other ways from the dimming abilities and instant off and on characteristics of LED lighting. Reduced maintenance for energy efficient lighting, when properly installed by a trained industrial electrical contractor, can also make a difference.

Sports Lighting Projects in Providence
If you are interested in learning more about how you can save on energy costs with energy efficient lighting, while providing better lighting and needing less lighting maintenance with LED lighting solutions, contact E.W. Audet & Sons. Located in Providence, Rhode Island, our team provides top quality professional industrial electrical contractor services and solutions to clients throughout the northeastern region. Give us a call at 401-467-3510 to start planning your sports lighting installation upgrade or to learn more about all of the contracting services we provide.