E.W. Audet & Sons also provides fully engineered design, construction, electrical maintenance and repair of commercial generators for businesses, municipalities, commercial buildings, industrial facilities and educational institutions. This is of particular importance in the northeastern states, where generators are vital to keep commercial properties up-and-running for the sake of security, comfort and business success.

Power doesn’t just go out when there are storms. There can be transformer issues, underground cable damage or accidents where damage is done to electrical poles and lines. A standby generator detects the interruption, starts itself up and produces electricity to prevent downtime. Our team has installed and serviced backup generators, LPG generators, prime power, well station generators and other types of industrial and commercial generators throughout the New England area.

  • Woonsocket Middle School Backup Generator
  • Narragansett Bay Commission – LPG Generator
  • Roger Williams Park Zoo – Generator Project
  • Wickford Shipyard – Hampton Village INN Backup Generator
  • Town of Westerly – Standby Emergency Generators
  • Chatham, MA – Well Station Generator