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Installing Backup Power Generators for Schools in New England

Backup Power GeneratorThe weather in the northeastern United States can be extreme, to say the least. As a result, it is important to discuss ways to ensure continuous power for educational institutions, including elementary, middle and high schools within local districts, as well as higher education at colleges and universities. Standby emergency generators that are installed by a professional electrical contractor in New England is the best way to provide power, whether the outage is temporary due to a storm or for longer periods of time, due to other issues.

Before administrators go out and purchase the first Providence commercial generators that is recommended to them, it is important to do a little research first. There are different types of generators, each with a different purpose. Finding the right type of school backup generator for your needs will ensure that you get enough power to keep your facility up-and-running, while also making sure that you don’t purchase a larger piece of equipment that you don’t really need. Hiring a consulting electrical contractor in New England that works extensively with institutional generators can help to avoid making a regrettable purchase.

Continuous vs Standby: What’s the Difference?
There are two primary types of generators that can be used for institutional purposes and serve as a school backup generator. Continuous generators, which work continuously for long hours at a time and standby generators, which work for shorter periods of time for emergency purposes. Beyond that there is a wide variety of options available in Providence for commercial generators, depending on the space and amount of items that you need to power, as well as the length of time that you need to power them.

  • Continuous – Also known as prime generators, this type of equipment needs to be built strong enough to handle heavy loads, as well as the friction caused by moving parts for longer stretches of time. This type of unit also needs to be able to handle sustained periods of heat generation, as a result of that friction. Your average home improvement store generator will not be able to stand up to this type of use. Larger, commercial generators installed by a professional electrical contractor in New England are what is required for this type of situation. Because they are larger and built to take the punishment of long hours of use, they are often more expensive than standby emergency generators. The engines have large cooling systems to absorb the generated heat, which require lubricating oil and regular maintenance.
  • Standby Generators – Also known simply as backup or emergency generators, these machines are designed to work for just a few short hours at a time and not on a regular basis. Because they aren’t used as often or for as long of periods of time, they have more time to cool down on their own, so they do not need a commercial cooling system. This makes them more affordable and require less maintenance than other types of popular Providence commercial generators.

Why Generators Are Important for Schools
Rain storms, wind storms, snow storms, ice storms and the infamous Nor’easter – New England is known for having a wide range of extreme weather. If a surprise storm hits during school hours, standby emergency generators and commercial grade school backup generators can save the day. Schools need to have a ready supply of power at all times when children are present. It’s not just about the lighting and the heat, Providence commercial generators are used to power all sorts of things in elementary, secondary and higher learning institutions.

Some of those essential things that require continuous power include:

  • telecommunications systems
  • computer networks
  • emergency lighting and security systems
  • fire alarms, sprinkler systems and smoke detectors
  • refrigeration systems for cafeterias and laboratories
  • ventilation systems
  • elevators and automatic doors

Even in schools that provide services for younger children, there is typically a delay between when a storm and a power outage hits and when parents are able to pick them up early. When you hire an electrical contractor in New England to install local Providence commercial generators that are capable of keeping the school fully powered, the school might be able to stay open until the normal end of the school day and for additional days if the power remains off in the local area.

The Right Generator for Your Needs
At E.W. Audet & Sons, we specialize in helping our clients find the best solutions to match their needs. Our team of electrical engineers will work with you to determine the best type of school backup generator or standby emergency generators for your situation, according to what you need and what your budget will allow. It pays to hire a licensed, certified and professional electrical contractor in New England who can professionally install and maintain your equipment. Call today at 401-467-3510 and speak with one of our team members to learn more about all of the top quality industrial electrical contracting services we provide.

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