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Top 7 Reasons Why Rhode Island Municipalities Should Go Solar

Rhode Island Solar Municipal EnergyIt seems like everywhere you go, people are talking about alternative energy solutions and finding ways to reduce energy consumption and dependence on fossil fuels. There are many reasons to consider adding a solar panel system to your municipal buildings, including saving money and reducing the carbon footprint of your city or town with Rhode Island renewable energy. Whatever your reasons, taking advantage of solar energy is a very smart step forward.

The use of solar energy in Providence and the surrounding area is nothing new. Many municipalities are already exploring the benefits of solar panel installations and are taking advantage of clean-energy technology. Companies like E.W. Audet & Sons are being contracted to provide solar energy solutions for corporations, municipalities and industrial clients throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and the entire northeastern region.

Why Should Your Municipality Go Solar?
Taking advantage of advances made in Rhode Island renewable energy is what we call a no-brainer. However, it is still important to evaluate the pros and the cons of any project and discover whether or not the benefits outweight the costs associated with investing in solar energy in Providence and the surrounding area. If you are considering solar panel installations for your municipality, take a look at these top reasons why you should explore the clean-energy technology of solar.

#1 – Energy Cost Savings
While it is honorable to want to help reduce carbon gas emissions and other pollutants associated with traditional energy resources, when it comes right down to it, most municipalities focus on Rhode Island renewable energy as a way to reduce electricity costs. The savings will depend on how much you spend now and the type of solar panel installations that you choose to employ on your city buildings and properties.

#2 – Control Your Budget
One of the ways that municipalities typically get “in the red” for their annual budget is for costs that are beyond their control. Utilities have traditionally been a very unpredictable cost for most organizations. Today’s energy costs are very unpredictable and often fluctuate without warning, making budgeting very difficult for municipalities. The clean-energy technology that comes from solar energy in Providence and the surrounding area makes it easier to predict monthly costs and better manage expenses.

#3 – Get an Excellent ROI
Working with cost analysis for any project includes examining the return on investment or ROI. The great news is that solar panel installations are an investment that pays off in substantial energy savings and through the application of Rhode Island renewable energy rebates, discounts and incentives. Studies show that solar is one of the best investments that companies and municipalities can make with regard to generating a revenue return.

#4 – Boost the Local Economy
When you hire a local company to provide you with solutions for solar energy in Providence, such as E.W. Audet & Sons, you are extending jobs to the local community. In addition, by embracing renewable energy, you contribute to the clean-energy technology industry, which is estimated to generate between three and five million new jobs in the next decade, many of which will be right here in the New England area. New jobs are good for local economy, which in turn, is good for your community.

#5 – Property Value Increases
Whether you are putting solar panel installations on the roof of the mayor’s office or on top of parking structures at the local community center, Rhode Island renewable energy solutions are proven to increase property values. This affects not just the value of the municipal buildings and properties, but also for the homeowners and commercial property owners within your city or town. Many prospective home buyers and business owners are well-educated regarding the value of clean-energy technology and would be more interested in buying in a community that embraces solar energy.

#6 – Community Pride
Studies also reveal that citizens who live in cities and towns where renewable energy is being employed by the local government have a lot of community pride. It just feels good to live in a municipality where the city council and representatives value clean-energy technology and have a commitment to environmental responsibility. Citizens who feel good about what their city or town are more likely to put down permanent roots and become actively involved in the community.

#7 – Improving the Local Environment
Every step you take toward embracing Rhode Island renewable energy through the use of solar panel installations and other energy-saving methods, the more you will reduce your carbon footprint. City buildings are estimated to be responsible for as much as 35 percent of all carbon emissions in the United States. Going solar can eliminate literal tons of carbon emissions each year, helping to improve the local air quality and environment.

Renewable Energy in Rhode Island
At E.W. Audet & Sons, we have been providing clients throughout the northeastern region with renewable energy for many years. From solar energy in Providence, Southeastern Massachusetts and the surrounding area, to our involvement in the Block Island Wind farm project off the coast of Rhode Island, our team has the knowledge and the experience to help you bring clean-energy technology to your municipality. Give us a call at 401-467-3510 to learn more about how solar panel installations and Rhode Island renewable energy solutions can benefit your local community.

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